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All-on-Four Technique

All-on-Four Technique

Same day teeth-Cosmetic treatment

The Same day teeth Concept

The all-on-4 is a clinical solution developed by Nobel Biocare to maximize the use of available bone and to allow immediate rehabilitation. It is a very flexible procedure which can solve most of the cases that come to us at hyderabadsmiles dental clinics . It avoids bone grafting procedures, sinus lifts and waiting periods, providing the patients with immediate fixed same day teeth using dental implants.

Clinical Indications for Same-day teeth

Missing teeth can break down your confidence leaving you feeling uncomfortable with smiling and anxious. Dental implants have long been the permanent solution to teeth lost to accident, disease, or decay, and we are the leaders in the placement of crowns and bridges immediately after implant surgery using techniques like the All on 4. We can give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile in just one day.
For patients who have lost most or all of their teeth, the All on 4 technique developed by the world leader in Implantology Nobel Biocare can provide teeth that look and feel real in just one day.
That’s just one of the many reasons that people choose us to rebuild their smiles, but there are so many important benefits that come with permanent replacement teeth.
First and foremost, you can eat like normal again. Dentures so often slip and make eating difficult. Even when low bone mass has presented problems in the past, we can help. All-on-4 can often help patients with bone mass issues without the need for costly bone grafting that can be painful and take months to heal. All in all, most patients can come in during the morning and leave with brand new teeth in the afternoon.

How is all-on-4 carried out?

  • First we assess your teeth to check all-on-4 suitability. We would be looking for cases where most/all of the teeth in any jaw have been lost or will soon be lost due to decay, gum disease or cases where there is a lot of bone loss.
  • We will arrange for a CT scan to assess your bone quality and quantity.
  • We would then remove the hopeless teeth and place a minimum of four implants in your jaw during a morning session.
  • That same day we will construct a full arch fixed acrylic bridge which we will attach to your implants in the afternoon session.
All that remains is for you to enjoy your new natural smile.

Same day Teeth Brochure

Our Surgeon

Our German trained NOBEL BIOCARE CERTIFIED Specialist Oral Surgeon is Dr.Dilip highly experienced in Implantology having successfully placed well over many dental Implants. Dilip is a perfectionist and has spend almost all of his time over the past 7 years, placing or restoring dental implants. He has an implant success rate of 99.9% in diabetic and cardiac patients.

Our Restorative dentist

Our Restorative dentist has restored more than 200 cases with the implant technique “All-on-4″, which makes him one of the most experienced dentists in hyderabad on the field of Same day Teeth. Our dentist’s attention to detail is second to none and he has an incredibly high success rate with the All-on-4 system.

How to find us

Our Practice is open seven days a week from 8am till 10pm. You can book a free consultation with one of our experienced dentists by calling +91-8801627272 or
email; us for further information or to arrange a consultation.

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