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Broken Dentures

Broken Dentures

A guide to broken dentures

Every day tasks can become hard work for older individuals who have cracked or broken their dentures. Eating, swallowing and chewing can be increasingly difficult for those forced to live without the appliances, with many people suffering from low self-esteem as a result.

Why do dentures break?

Many dentists recommend patients change their dentures every three years due to their fragile nature. This is also because the shape of the face and jaw alters as individuals grow older due to bone resorb, which could make dentures loose and ill-fitting.
Although the appliances provide a lifelike replacement for natural teeth, they are by no means as durable. Because they are kept in the mouth for a long period of time, the materials that dentures are made of can begin to degrade and face daily wear and tear through talking and eating.
The dentures can become damaged in a number of different ways and do not always require urgent attention from an emergency dentist. For example, wearing dentures every day can mean they become stained or slightly chipped off.
In instances when the appliances break completely or teeth are lost from the fitting, which can make everyday tasks a difficult exercise, patients are advised to seek assistance from a dental practitioner that could see them enjoy a better quality of life.

Is the repair process difficult?

The extensiveness of the process of repair depends entirely on how damaged the dentures have become. While cracked dentures are fairly easy to fix, those that are snapped can be more problematic and may require a longer wait.
A dental practitioner will usual bond the slightly fractured appliances back together, with replacing lost teeth a similarly straightforward procedure.
However, although it is not impossible to resolve issues with broken dentures, it can be significantly harder if a patient fails to keep all the pieces so they can be fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle. Therefore, individuals are advised to ensure they have collected as many shards of their dentures as possible before returning to the dental clinic.
High quality materials used for bonding and cementing in recent years have increased the likelihood for individuals to receive their dental accessories back in less time and with a more natural appearance.

Where is the best place to go?

Patients should book an appointment at the place dentures are fitted, which is most commonly their local dental practice. This is due to the fact that this type of professional is likely to know the medical history of the patient, rather than simply rushing through the repair.
Some people may wish to approach the dental laboratory that produced the appliances in the first place in a bid to cut out the middle man.
Individuals with broken dentures may need to attend another appointment with their local dentist to have a mould created for a brand new set. Although this can be time consuming, patients with good quality dentures can enjoy an improved quality of life and a natural-looking smile.

Is there anything I can do at home?

While it is not advisable to take any action while at home, some people could use a denture repair kit to provide a temporary solution until it is possible to get them replaced professionally.
Most of these packs contain a cement, glue or bonding material that can be used to fix repairs in the short term, while more expensive versions often include a sample of different teeth that can be attached .
Although these may not seem like ideal solutions, it is important for patients to remember they will only be used for a short time. The sooner they attend an appointment with a dental specialist, the quicker they are able to enjoy the long-term results.
Individuals who think ahead and purchase their own denture repair kit should ensure the bonding materials they use are FDA-approved and designed to be used in the mouth. Patients using any other type of glue could contain poisonous substances.

Tips for looking after dentures:

Patients who have recently had their first dentures fitted should ensure they clean the appliances over a bowl of water or use a folded towel that will soften the blow if the fragile products are dropped.
Brushing the fixtures before soaking them will help to remove any food that has become caught in between the teeth, while denture cleaner will assist in the removal of stains as well as making them feel fresher in the mouth.
Patients are advised to follow the directions written on the label of cleaning products to ensure they are safe to use on such delicate items. Following this, they should be brushed for a second time – as with natural teeth – while avoiding creating ridges in the surface.
Additionally, many dentists advise using a toothpaste and small-headed appliance that will effectively clean the hard-to-reach areas, including the area that touches the gums. This process is particularly important for individuals who use a denture fixative.
The same brush should be used to freshen the tongue and gums, as well as any remaining natural teeth, while stimulating blood flow and removing excess plaque and bacteria from the mouth to ensure oral health is maintained.

Are there any alternatives to dentures?

Modern dentistry has paved the way for a number of effective alternatives to dentures, which could be more appropriate for the lifestyles of particular individuals. These options could be well-suited for people who have experienced low self-esteem or feel self-conscious wearing the fixtures in social situations.
Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular among people who are looking for a more permanent solution than traditional dentures.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Patients who select dental implants instead of traditional appliances could see their face develop more structure, which can make individuals look younger. This is due to the fact that people with missing teeth often find their gums begin to erode, giving their cheeks a sunken appearance.
Additionally, the installation can transform the way a person feels about their appearance. Dental implants could see people embrace talking to groups of people who formerly avoided public> The installation of these appliances can protect remaining teeth and stimulate bone growth, while teeth with a high number of gaps are more likely to break if they do not have any barriers.


Yes the research says that broken denture are more fatal and can be swallowed by the patient during eating ,speaking so do not neglect broken dentures seek medical attention.

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