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Implant Patient Education


When implants are placed are placed at the same time after extracting the teeth such procedure is called as Immediate placement. In modern dentistry it is considered as standard procedure as it prevent second stage surgery and preserves surrounding bone resorption after extraction ,gum contour and smile alignment .As it allows the patient to complete in single visit. It is not recommended in the patients with severe peri apical infection and abscess we recommend first extraction and wait for healing of sit e and placement of implants.


Traditional method of treatment involved multiple appointments which usually from 6 months to 1 year.

  • Tooth extraction(wait for 3 -4 months for bone healing)
  • Implant placement
  • Healing period(3-6months)
  • Prosthetic phase
  • In regular delayed loading implants patients would have to wait for long time from of treatment end of procedure. During this period patient has to wear either denture or leave it till the implant fuses to bone. Recently to overcome this problem single piece implants are used. By this method of we can deliver the teeth in 3 days for which we give a life time warrarty.
  • Why immediate implants are ideal

  • Patients can step out of the clinic with teeth in mouth on same day of surgery.
  • Avoiding multiple appointments which saves lot of physical energy and time.
  • Money saving and 2 stage surgery avoided.


  • In regular protocol procedure before placing implant surrounding gum is anesthetized and cut opened as flap, where as in KEYHOLE implants we do not alter normal morphology of gum .
  • Suture less procedure.
  • Very less bleeding ,less post operative swelling and pain.
  • Less time of operation .

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