Basal Osseointegrated Implant (BOI) is the most advanced type of Basal Implants. Also known as Lateral Implant, BOI Implants
are suitable for immediate loading implants. In this dental implant, you can get permanent teeth fixed in 5 days.

BOI implants are suggested only in two situations :

  1. When your jawbone is extremely thin i.e., the thickness of ridge bone is insufficient
  2. When the bone height is insufficient.

Benefits of Bol Implants :

  • These implants are effective in restoring atrophied jaws because they don't need extensive augmentation.
  • These implants are placed using a flapless technique and can be combined with other implants.
  • These implants have a smooth surface that reduces the chances of infection.
  • These implants reduce the chances of peri-implantitis, an inflammatory process that affects the soft and hard tissues
    around the dental implants.
  • These implants are cost-effective and take less time for loading.
  • These implants are easy to maintain.

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