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Covering your mouth while laughing? Hiding your missing teeth? Not anymore! Smile wide with dental implants in as little as 1 day. Visit our dental hospital and ask for “Teeth in a Day" dental implants procedure.

At Hyderabad Smiles Dental Hospitals, we have a team of experts who can fix dental implants in just 1 day. Our team has years of experience in placing the implants with absolute precision in a day using less-invasive techniques. We have been performing these successful and well-documented dental implants for many years now.

Get back your smile with us in a day and regain your confidence.

Our dentists, implantologists, and experts can replace single, multiple, or a complete set of missing teeth with equal efficiency and effectiveness.
The immediate loading implants are placed into your jawbone in 24 hours with minimum invasion. Less-invasive surgery means
less time required to heal. Therefore, you don't have to wait for months to get the teeth fixed or eat, chew, and speak properly.

Instead, with dental implants, you can eat immediately. Once, the implants completely heal, the teeth will be as strong as your original teeth.

In-built House Facility for Teeth in a Day

Our dental hospitals are equipped with modern technology to perform all dental implants and other dental-related procedures

with complete accuracy and excellent results. We use the latest 3-D CT Scan (high-resolution), panoramic X-rays, and software to diagnose your dental problem and plan the entire dental implants procedure.

For a consultation, get an appointment with any of our implantologists or experts for a thorough examination of your mouth. The expert will explain all the possible treatments available for your dental problem and their costs. Once you finalize the treatment, we schedule an appointment for further procedure.

We use the planning software to correctly plan and execute the dental implants procedure. We customize the treatment as required and make perfect-fit teeth in our state-of-the-art lab.

Our experts place the customized teeth on the titanium implants fixed in your jawbone. These implants support the prosthetic teeth and do not weaken the adjacent natural teeth. In conventional treatment such as placing a bridge or a partial denture, the adjacent teeth are impacted and weakened.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for your missing teeth. Unlike dentures, you don't have to remove your implants and clean them. They feel and act like your natural teeth.

Hyderabad Smiles Advanced Dental Hospitals fix prosthetic teeth in a day so that you can enjoy a happy and healthy smile at the earliest. For a lasting result, follow good oral hygiene and go for regular checkups.

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