Hyderabad Smiles Advanced Dental Hospitals is one of the leading dental centers that offer dental implants treatment. To date, we have placed over xxx implants at our hospitals. Our success rate for dental implants is around 98%.To extend the benefits of our dental implant's treatment, we are offering a warranty of 10 years. During this period, if any failure occurs to the dental implants and its related fixtures, we will correct the problem free of cost. However, this free treatment is subject to the below terms and conditions:

  1. The patient must maintain good oral hygiene and visit our dental hospital to review every 6 months. National and
    international patients who cannot come for a personal review can get an examination done by their local dentist. If there is a concern related to the dental implant work, forward a note from the dentist.
  2. After the procedure, if the patients are asked to follow special instructions, they must follow the instructions carefully.
  3. We will replace the failed dental implants free of cost if you fulfill the conditions mentioned in clauses 1 and 2.
  4. We will attend and restore the failed superstructure on implants (prostheses, fixed teeth, crowns or bridges, copings) free of cost if you fulfill the conditions mentioned in clauses 1 and 2.


Our warranty does apply in the following conditions:

  • If the patient does not show up for the mandatory follow-up procedures after the initial stages of treatment are completed.
  • If the dental implants and its fixtures' failure is a result of not following the post-procedure instructions.
  • If the patient develops or acquires certain diseases such as high blood sugar (diabetes), autoimmune disease, bone disease, and malignancies.
  • If the patient is enduring chemotherapy or radiotherapy or both for malignancies, it can affect and cause implants' failure.
  • If the patient meets with an accident or is injured, the damaged implants and its related fixtures will not be covered under
    the warranty.
  • If the patient has hidden any existing medical conditions that do not support the implant procedure, then our warranty is
    not applied. Example: Oral Bisphosphonate therapy for Osteoporosis.
  • If the patient has not fully paid the payment towards the treatment, the warranty is not applicable.

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