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Pterygoid Implants/Tuberopterygoid implants for resorbed maxilla (upper jaw)
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What are Pterygoid Implants / Tuberopterygoid implants?

Pterygoid implants are used as an alternative technique to sinus-lifting and other grafting procedures to treat the posterior maxilla.
The Pterygoid implants are placed into the pterygoid plate through the maxillary tuberosity. These implants are used in patients with severe maxillary atrophy or after tumor resection.
The implant is inserted into the pterygoid bone structure to operate as distal abutments (support) for implant prosthesis.

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Why Pterygoid Implants

Implantologists find it difficult to place the implants posterior to the first premolar because of the sinus cavity and the rarefied posterior maxillary bone. Pterygoid implants offer a perfect solution to patients with a severely resorbed jawbone. These implants result in minimum surgical trauma and maximum oral function.

The pterygomaxillary structures provide stability and support to the implants.

The implants are angled, and the apex is engaged either using the pterygoid process or the pyramidal plate of the palatine bone or both. These implants provide support for complete-arch fixed teeth.

Studies show that the success of Pterygoid implants/Tuberopterygoid implants in patients with atrophic posterior maxilla was 90.7%.

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