Transform your smile with Invisible Fillings at Hyderabad
Get your cavities filled, restore your decayed teeth, or fi INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS CUSTOMER CARE (IPCC) ous and undetectable.
Invisible fillings are fillings made of composite material VISA, TRAVEL, AND ACCOMODATION
Smile fuller and brighter!

Types of Restoration with Fillings

  • Composite or Tooth Colored Restoration
  • Glass lonomer Fillings
  • Silver Amalgam

These fillings are used to:

  • Cover decayed teeth
  • Fill the gaps between teeth
  • Cover broken teeth
  • Cover chipped teeth

Composite/Tooth Colored Restoration
We use composite fillings to restore the natural look of your teeth. These filings are made of tooth-colored plastic and glass particles and are mercury-free, therefore, safe to use.

Required images before and after

Glass lonomer Fillings
Glass ionomer fillings are also invisible fillings that match the color of your teeth. These fillings are made of glass particles,
polyacrylic acid, and fluoride particles. It is used to fill small cavities, to cover eroded teeth, and to provide a base cement for deeper composite fillings.

Silver Amalgam
Silver amalgam is a traditional method of filling cavities. In this amalgam, mercury is mixed with silver to make the fillings. Silver metal provides strength and longevity, but the use of mercury could be a matter of concern for some.

To know more about the different types of fillings and their costs and other details, call us (+91) 880 162 7272. Or book an appointment for video consultancy.

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