zoom teeth whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening is another type of teeth whitening treatment used to lighten the discoloration of the teeth. All of these techniques use a whitening agent including hydrogen peroxide. The quickest and most successful treatment also includes the use of an LED light throughout the operation to brighten your teeth.

After a 45-minute procedure at your dentist's office, the Zoom WhiteSpeed treatment may significantly brighten your teeth. It employs both a whitening gel and an LED bulb.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment at Hyderabad Smiles

  • The technique begins by covering the lips and gums to prevent them from becoming bleached throughout the operation. The dentist will next provide you with an eyewear protector to shield your eyes from the unique illumination utilized in the procedure.
  • In the second step, The dentist will now use a whitening gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide, which has bleaching qualities. The zoom light is then directed on the teeth for 15 minutes. The technique is done three to four times, each for 15 minutes. The Zoom light allows the whitening chemical (gel) to penetrate the enamel and release oxygen into the dentin more effectively.
  • And finally, A whitening procedure combined with a specific lightening treatment eliminates stains and illuminates your teeth. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure is typically completed in 90 minutes. After the treatment is completed, you may have slight tooth sensitivity for 12 to 24 hours.