Dental Implant for Single Tooth Replacement
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Single Tooth Replacement through Dental Implant - India

If you are planning to replace a single missing tooth, then you can either opt for a permanent solution or select the conventional alternatives.

The best way to replace a single tooth is to select Dental Implant. It is one of the best permanent solutions to replace a missing tooth.

Once the implant is fixed into your jaw, a crown is fixed onto the implant. This is done to stimulate or replace the root.

The conventional methods include replacing your missing tooth with a dental bridge or a removable denture.

The Procedure of Single Tooth Replacement

We have designed the entire procedure of replacing your single missing tooth with a dental implant in 5 steps. This permanent
solution includes the below steps:

  1. Preparation for Implant
  2. Implant Placement
  3. Healing Time
  4. Crown Fixing
  5. Result

1. Preparation for Implant

In this step, we do the following:

  • We do a thorough oral examination and a general checkup of the patient.
  • As required, we take X-rays or Quadrant Denta-Scan (Cone-beam CT).
  • We then examine the periodontal health, occlusion.

2. Implant Placement

  • We select a well-fitting titanium implant for the replacement.
  • We carefully fix the dental implant in the place of the missing tooth. Precise placement of the dental implant is very critical. This determines the success of the procedure.

3. Healing Time

The time required to heal the implant is minimal because of the less-invasive techniques and precision. The implantologists at Hyderabad Smiles Advanced Dental Hospitals are highly experienced specialists in fixing Tooth-in-a-day and immediate implant loading procedures.
The healing procedure is quicker at our hospital, and you are not required to wait for months to get the implants loaded.

4.Crown Fixing

The technicians at our hospital design and custom make a ceramic crown that looks exactly like
the other teeth and appears natural. The experts place the crown on the implant on the same


The new implant looks and functions like a normal tooth and gives you a perfect bite. You mus ensure oral hygiene and follow-up with regular checkups to keep your tooth and gum health.

It is always advised to select a permanent solution rather than opt for temporary answers. A dental implant is an ideal and permanent solution to replace your missing tooth. You can select conventional procedures such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, but the result may not be as satisfying.

For any dental treatment, you can always get the best advice and treatment at Hyderabad smiles Advanced Dental Hospitals.

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