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What Is Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy?

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT) is the latest technique in the dentistry world used to treat periodontal disease in a less invasive and less painful way. Laser treatment not only destroys the infected tissues but also seals the pockets. This reduces the chances of reinfection (if you maintain good oral hygiene) and heals the cut faster.

The LAPT technique is used to specifically target and destroy the infected tissues only and remove bacteria from the periodontal pockets.

Untreated gum disease leads to the formation of periodontal pockets. Gum diseases are a result of unhygienic oral health and accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth and roots. The accumulated bacteria damage the supporting tissues around the teeth and make them loose and eventually creating pockets. If these pockets are not treated, the bacteria will flourish in the pockets and damage the teeth further.

LAPT Technique or Traditional Surgery for Gum Disease?

Traditional surgery for gum disease involved cutting and making incisions to separate the infected gum tissue from the teeth and stitching the cuts. These cuts and stitches required more time to heal.

With the advancement of technology, the LAPT technique uses lasers to destroy the damaged tissue and remove bacteria from the infected site. Laser gum treatment targets the infection precisely and is less invasive. In this flap surgery, scalpels are not used to cut the infected tissues and clean the area. The laser technique not only gets rid of the damaged tissues but also seals the wound. So, no stitches are needed to close the site.

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Is Laser Gum Treatment Suitable for all Patients?

Laser treatment is suitable for most of patients. It is specially designed for people who may have some medical or health condition.

As LAPT is less invasive, involves less bleeding, is less painful, and heals faster, it is best for diabetic patients and renal failure patients.

We can also use this laser gum treatment for young children, elderly patients, and individuals who are nervous patients and fear injections and stitches.

Types of Laser Used at Hyderabad Smiles?

At Hyderabad Smiles, we use the Diode laser for Laser Assisted Flap Surgery. This laser is preferred for its bactericidal and hemostatic properties.

In some cases, we use Erbium laser technology (Fotona and Waterlase) to recontour or reshape the bone. Erbium lasers have hard and soft tissue lasers. We also use these lasers to perform periodontal regeneration or reattachment with root biomodification.

Cost of Laser Gum Treatment?

The cost of LAPT or laser gum treatment depends on the severity of the case, quadrants of the mouth, and the type of lasers used.

Visit any of the branches of Hyderabad Smiles Advanced Dental Hospitals for laser assisted periodontal therapy done. We use the most advanced technology at our dental hospitals in Hyderabad to treat your gum disease in less time. After a thorough check-up, our dentists can help in selecting the best treatment suitable for your case.

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