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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

At Hyderabad Smiles Advanced Dental Hospitals, we are committed to making you smile the brightest! For this, we practice Cosmetic Gum Surgery to redesign your smile and improve your everyday confidence. At our hospitals, we offer the following procedures:

  • Soft-Tissue Grafts - in this procedure, we cover your exposed teeth roots with gum.
  • Gum Contouring - in this procedure, we correct your "gummy" smile and remove the extra gum cover.
  • Frenectomy - in this procedure, we loosen the connecting tissues that cause unnecessary pressure on your gums.

Let us know more about our Cosmetic Gum Surgeries.

Soft Tissue Grafts

Is any of your teeth appearing longer than the adjacent teeth? Are your gums appearing to be pulling away from your teeth? If yes, then read on to know how Soft Tissue Grafts can restore healthy gums.

In periodontal disease, the gum tissues often recede and pull away from the teeth and expose the roots of your teeth. To cover the exposed roots, we perform periodontal plastic surgery and give you a healthy smile.

We perform Soft Tissue Grafts and other Root Coverage techniques to cover the exposed roots and restore healthy gum tissue. These procedures reduce bone recession and bone loss, lessen tooth sensitivity, protect the roots of teeth from cavities, and make your teeth appear more natural.

Gum Contouring

In some individuals, a major part of the teeth is covered by gums. This is called the "gummy" smile. When such individuals smile, the gums are disproportionately more visible than your teeth.

In such cases, we do the Gum Contouring procedure to remove the excess gum tissues and reveal the teeth crown. In this
procedure, we can redesign the gum line to create a correct proportion of the tooth surface and the gum tissue.

We also use the gum contouring procedure to make an uneven gum line even and consistent so that your teeth look good.

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Frenectomy is a surgical procedure where "Frenum", a fold of soft tissues, is removed to improve your periodontal health. The frenum connects the gums with the inside of the upper lip and the lower lip.

Sometimes, the frenum or the fold of the tissues may force and pull the gums away from the teeth. When the gums are pulled away, food debris starts depositing in the space, and slowly bacteria start growing in it and forming pockets in the gum line. Frenum may also enlarge the spaces between your teeth if not treated in time.

To address this problem, we can use cosmetic gum surgery, Frenectomy, to reduce the excessive force on your gum tissues. The excessive force on the gum tissues is due to the fibers that attach the gum tissues and the muscles of the oral structures.

We use Cosmetic Gum Surgery to treat:

  • Gummy Smile / Excessive Gingival Display using the Gum Contouring procedure
  • Dark Colored Gums / Depigmentation using the Laser treatment
  • High frenum attachment Frenectomy and frenotomy
  • Long Tooth Smile / Gum Recession using Soft Tissue Grafts. Root Coverage using the sub-epithelial CT graft &transpositional graft.

A Case of Dark Colored Gums / Depigmentation Using the Laser treatment

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Long Tooth Smile / Gum Recession using Soft Tissue Grafts

A case of Sub Epithelial CT Graft procedure

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A Case of Transpositional Graft Procedure

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Root Coverage

Your root surface is exposed when the soft tissues recede. This condition of tissue recession is caused by an apical shift of the gingival margin. The exposed root surface results in hypersensitivity of the roots and caries and gives an unpleasing appearance.

To cover the exposed root, gum grafting surgery is performed. A gum graft is a common term used for surgical periodontal procedures to cover the exposed teeth roots with grafted oral tissue.

Benefits of Gum Grafting

  • Reduced Sensitivity of the Roots - gum grafting covers the exposed teeth roots permanently and reduce root sensitivity to hot and cold beverages and foods.
  • Improved Appearance of the Roots - gum grafting covers the roots of the teeth and makes your teeth appear more
    proportionate to your gums.
  • Greater Health of the Roots - gum grafting can prevent tissue and bone loss, slow down any potential decay, and protect the exposed roots.

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