Bone Grafting

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Bone grafting is a surgical process that uses Regeneration techniques to grow new teeth-supporting bone that is damaged due to periodontal disease.Periodontal disease causes when plague and calculary (tartar) left untreated. Therefore, it is vital that you clean plaque through proper brushing, flossing, and oral hygiene. If plaque is not cleaned, bacteria grows in it and eventually results in hard layers of tartar. Further, the bacteria destroy the supporting tissues and supporting bone of the teeth and separate the gum and the teeth. This creates deep spaces called pockets around the teeth. The deeper the pockets become, the more bacteria grow in it and result in severe damage to the tissues and bone of the teeth.

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Bone Grafting through Regeneration Technique
As our body replaces old bone cells with new bone cells, the bone remodels itself. Based on this fact, the Regeneration technique is used to regrow the teeth lost due to periodontal disease. In this technique, bone grafts are placed in infected areas to support new bone growth. Bone grafts are bone substitutes such as sponges, powders, gels, etc.

At Hyderabad Smiles Advanced Dental Hospitals, we use different Bone Graft materials, such as Fisiograft (gel/sponge), Biogran, Osteogen, and PerioGlas.

For Bone Grafting, we make a cut in your gum and access to the bone under the gum. We then fill the grafting material in the area.

Usually, the bone grafting material is the bone from an animal or human donor. The bone is sterilized in a lab and then used. However, the bone can be taken from your body, or it can be a synthetic substance. At our hospitals, we use powder, putty, gel, sponge, granules, and other suitable materials and inject it in the infected area through a syringe. The material is covered by a collagen membrane for maximum bone repair and for building a new bone.

Bone Grafting - Anterior Teeth

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Case-Il Posterior Teeth

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Bone Grafting Case

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